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Helping you with tongue stretching exercises to ensure them a healthier and happier future​
Your baby needs tongue stretching exercises and it sounds complex and discouraging to push fingers into your tiny baby’s mouth.

TongueGym is here to help you!

Discover what tens of thousands of parents already have: TongueGym turns an unpleasant chore of tongue stretching exercise into easier and hygienic routines and a special bonding experience you and your infant will enjoy.

The TongueGym is a unique product developed by Dr. Botzer a world-renowned pediatric dentist, to help you conduct the tongue stretches.

We all know the downsides to conventional tongue stretching exercise techniques with the fingers, and it’s no surprise that many parents stop mid-regimen. Now, with TongueGym, you don’t need to give up on the dream of improving your child’s wellbeing and offering them a chance to live a more fulfilling life.

TongueGym should be the most convenient product for your baby’s tongue stretches

TongueGym is the first at-home tongue stretching exercise product. It is simple and affordable, while its ergonomic design makes it extremely intuitive, comfortable and convenient to use.

TG Time is Your Time – Together

If you are working with your child on conditioning their tongue, you know how crucial it is to maintain the daily stretches routine. The TongueGym makes that possible! TG Time – the special time you and your baby spend together – will feel more like play time than exercise time, something to really look forward to. Parents around the world have told us that with the hygienic and BPA-free TongueGym, TG Time has become a fun part of their day, easily integrating with the many enjoyable games they like playing together as a family.

When you first introduce the TongueGym to your baby, do so in small steps, allowing your child to get used to this new toy. Try singing and tickling your baby’s lips with the TongueGym, so they know it’s something pleasant and fun. Then, as you begin your stretching exercise routine, build up the number of repetitions very slowly, allowing your baby to increase its tolerance, until you reach the desired number.

All you need is a few minutes with TongueGym, a few times a day, to start making a big difference to your child’s future.

TongueGym - turn tongue exercises into child’s play
The TongueGym Advantages for Newborns
TG time

Special bonding experience you and your infant will enjoy.

Just a Few Times a Day

Short sessions can yield highly significant results.

Increased Hygiene

Clean and sanitary, aligning to public health standards .

Ergonomic Design

Makes it comfortable and intuitive to use .


Tongue exercises – easy as 1,2,3
TongueGym turns tongue exercises into child’s play

Just a few minutes, a few times a day, can make a big difference to future wellbeing and health.

Click the Get Manual button to download further exercise information and recommendations.

Slip on finger

Insert the tip of your index finger through the round opening of the TongueGym until it reaches the inner mark. The slit on the nail side is designed to fit your finger snuggly.

Place beneath tongue

Slowly and carefully insert the TongueGym into the lower part of the mouth. 

Place the device as far back as is comfortably possible.

Lift the tongue

Use the round tips of the TongueGym to lift the tongue as instructed for performing tongue exercise regimens.

For tongue strengthening. Using the muscles of your tongue, push up against the TongueGym’s while gently pushing down with the TongueGym’s to provide resistance.

Repeat according to your exercise regimen.

TongueGym - Take the future in your own hands
Easy, comfortable and efficient tongue exercises

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