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The world’s first patented product for tongue exercises

After decades of specializing in the treatment of newborns and children, Dr. Eyal Botzer came up with a novel idea to solve a universal, global issue:

How to make tongue exercises not only easier, but also more comfortable, efficient, and hygienic?

After years of deep research and development, Dr. Botzer was able to turn his innovative idea into an affordable product that has transformed neonatal and adult tongue care the world over. That product is the TongueGym.

The ergonomic design of the BPA-free TongueGym encourages users of all ages to maximize their required exercise regimen and have a positive impact on their future health and wellbeing.

It gives adults the opportunity to strengthen and condition their tongue with intuitive ease, comfort and efficiency, compared to conventional ‘finger’ techniques. Just as importantly, it enables parents to bond with their newborns and infants during ‘TG Time’ and offers them peace of mind, knowing that their child’s tongue mobility… is in the right hands.

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Our professional team

Dr. Eyal Botzer, DMD

Founder & CTO

Dr. Yael Dubester David

VP Product & Growth

TongueGym – Your Key to a Better Future

TongueGym intuitive home-use
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