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TongueGym FAQ’s

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The TongueGym was developed to fit users of all ages – from 2 days old and upwards. mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

The TongueGym is designed for those who wish to increase tongue strength and mobility. We recommend that users who need tongue exercises first consult their healthcare provider.

Make the time you and your baby use the TongueGym your special ‘TG Time.’ Start by playing with your baby, perhaps singing their favorite songs while allowing the tips of the TongueGym to gently touch their lips. After they have gotten used to it, you can slowly and gently start using the TongueGym to lift the tongue. Do just one lift at first, and then increase the number of lifts per session, guided by your sense of confidence and your baby’s tolerance.
You might also consult with your healthcare provider before you start your baby’s or child’s tongue exercises.

For more explicit directions, watch this video.

The TongueGym is small and easy to handle. It can go with you virtually anywhere, using the carry case it came in or any other clean box you prefer. This enables you to do your tongue exercises on the go – in the office, while watching TV, in the car, or anywhere else you feel comfortable. You might choose to consult your healthcare provider before you or your child begins their tongue exercises.

For more explicit directions, see the instructions here.

Before and after each use, be sure to clean the TongueGym by washing it with lukewarm water, using a mild soap.

For more explicit directions, see the cleaning instructions here.

We recommend discarding the TongueGym after completing a full regimen, or after one month of use. If your exercise regimen should last beyond that, we recommend using a new TongueGym each month.

Absolutely! We did everything necessary to ensure that the TongueGym would be safe for doing tongue exercises, including making it BPA-free.

First of all, using the TongueGym is a much easier, more hygienic and precise alternative than simply using one’s fingers. Just imagine using the TongueGym, instead of putting your fingers in the tiny mouth and under the tongue of your baby.

Second, the TongueGym is ergonomically designed to fit the mouth’s anatomy and be the most comfortable for everyone involved, from adults doing their own exercises, to parents helping their babies to the children themselves. The ergonomic design of the TongueGym also enhances accuracy, leading to more efficient exercise time.

Yes! The TongueGym has been tested in an international laboratory to meet the applicable international and regional standards and regulations. Moreover, the TongueGym was manufactured automatically, without human contact, and is BPA-free.

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