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Get the most out of tongue exercises

TongueGym. Probably the most convenient and efficient tool for tongue exercises for all ages

As a healthcare provider, you always strive to achieve the best results. Efficiency in tongue exercises and compliance with the at-home exercise regimen of your patient.

Today when you establish a Tongue exercise regime for a patient, in many cases, it’s hard to follow and implement said exercises. TongueGym brings a new factor into the world of tongue exercise regimens. A new way to ease the commitment of the patient by providing him with the right tool for the task.

Tens of Thousands are already enjoying the TongueGym

TongueGym brings the fresh air of change into the world of tongue exercise regimens. A new way to encourage your patient, whether he is a parent or an adult, to accomplish the exercise regimen by providing him with the right tool for the task. Until today, the only at-home method for tongue exercises has involved simple finger exercises. Fraught with difficulties, such methods often lead users of all ages to feel frustrated, irritated and distressed, leading ultimately to the abandonment of their exercise regimen.

Now, however, there is a convenient, fun and intuitive way of doing common tongue exercises. The TongueGym’s ergonomic design makes tongue exercises easier, more efficient, and more comfortable, encouraging the user to complete their entire exercise regimen. It also increases the level of hygiene to a standard far more appropriate to the needs of today.

TongueGym is suitable for users of all ages

When you Recommend the TongueGym, you benefit from:

1. Releasing them from the concerns of doing tongue exercises.
2. Make them feel most comfortable while doing their exercises (either for babies or adults).
3. Conveniency. Allow them to do it whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.
4. Help them maximize the accuracy of each exercise and each movement.

With the TongueGym they all enjoy the TG time.

Users of all ages, from newborns to adults, have found TongueGym a pleasant, fun and simple way to maximize their future health and wellbeing. Adults find it simple and convenient to complete their regimen on the go; parents value the TG time they get to spend with their infants and small children; and professionals appreciate that the TongueGym is a reliable product that quite simply sells itself.

When you recommend people suffering from speech difficulties, swallowing, snoring, sleep apnea, tongue tie, restricted tongue and more, also to perform tongue exercises, you strive to maximize the results of the home tongue self-exercises. The ease, intuitive, hygenic and convinient TongueGym encourages people to acomplish the exercise regimen and perform efficient tongue exercises.

What makes TongueGym probably most convenient and efficient for tongue exercises, and why should you recommend it?

1. TongueGym is simple and intuitive to use.
2. Hygienic (replaces the fear refers to using fingers).
3. TongueGym’s size is adjusted to the mouth size of newborns and adults.
4. Small round tips for convenient and smooth inserting in the mouth or under the tongue.
5. The ergonomic design makes tongue exercises easier, as well as more hygienic, efficient, and comfortable, encouraging your patient to accomplish the entire exercise regimen.

TongueGym Tongue exercises benefits
Treat tongue tie with TongueGym

The TongueGym’s design highlights:

a. Designed to adjust to the anatomy of the Frenulum and the floor of the mouth.
b. The TongueGym is short and small to maximize the accuracy of its position and movements in the mouth, enhancing tongue exercise effectiveness.
c. The TongueGym rounded tip’s design and size make them pleasant and comfortable under and on the top of the tongue.
d. The TongueGym tips are elastic enough to be comfortable and pleasant while practicing and rigid enough to allow the exercises to be efficient.
e. Anti-slip edging surface to increase stability and prevent slipping during the tongue exercises.
f. The lower part of the TongueGym rests comfortably on the top of the tongue for tongue strengthening exercises.
g. Regardless of the finger’s size, the round back opening of the TongueGym will fit any thickness and finger size.

To reach the best results for babies, you should guide parents on the graduated steps required for tongue stretching exercises.

1. Start by getting your child used to the TongueGym.
2. Singing a soft song.
3. Using its round tips, gently and calmly play with the child’s lips and gradually also the tongue.
4. When the parents feel his baby is ready, he can start gently inserting the TongueGym under the tongue.
5. Once the baby is calm and ready, the parent can start with one lift at a time and then slowly work up to the number of lifts suggested by you per session and according to the baby’s tolerance.

They will thank you for the bonding TG time with their babies 😀.

TongueGym - Enhance quality and results
Tongue exercises – easy as 1,2,3
TongueGym turns tongue exercises into child’s play

Just a few minutes, three to five times a day can make a big difference to future wellbeing and health.

Click the Get Manual button to download further training information and recommendations.

Slip on finger

Insert the tip of your index finger through the round opening of the TongueGym until it reaches the inner mark. The slit on the nail side is designed to fit your finger snuggly.

Place beneath tongue

Slowly and carefully insert the TongueGym into the lower part of the mouth. 

Place the device as far back as is comfortably possible.

Lift or push the tongue

Use the round tips of the TongueGym to lift the tongue as instructed for performing tongue exercise regimens. Gradually work up to 20 lifts or your required number of lifts per session. Repeat 3 to 5 times a day according to your exercise regimen.

For tongue strengthening. Using the muscles of your tongue, push up against the TongueGym’s while gently pushing down with the TongueGym’s to provide resistance.

Repeat according to your exercise regimen.

TongueGym - the fun and innovative new way to have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing
TongueGym - the fun and innovative new way to have a positive impact on overall health and wellbeing

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