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TongueGym - For Tongue Strengthening

Daytime Tongue Strengthening Exercises and Conditioning On-The-Go

TongueGym goes wherever you go, so you can do your tongue exercises anywhere you feel comfortable, in the office, watching TV – you name it!

Snoring. Speech. Swallowing and more.

Tongue dysfunction manifests itself in many different ways in our adult lives. The most common of these, is snoring. 

Snoring, which is more common as we age, is more likely because muscle tone decreases, causing airways to constrict. In these cases you might need the TongueGym to make the tongue exercises easier and more accessible.

It’s never too late to make tongue exercises and conditioning a regular part of your daily routine. 

Thousands of users around the world have discovered the benefits of TongueGym, the world’s first at-home and on-the-go tongue exercise product.

Conventional finger techniques of performing tongue exercise are less than ideal, and have led many to abandon their routines and give up on the dream of a living a healthier and snore free life, filled with greater wellbeing. Now, thanks to the TongueGym, adults who wish to add tongue conditioning and training exercises into their daily routine, can do so with a product that is not only simple and affordable, but also easy, comfortable and convenient to use.

TongueGym by Liper On the go

The TongueGym’s ergonomic design makes using it so comfortable and intuitive that you’ll find it easy to complete your entire exercise regimen.
So regardless of your lifestyle, TongueGym will fit right into it. 

Come discover how the ease and comfort of exercising with the TongueGym can help you to maximize your health and wellbeing

Does your partner also suffer from your snoring?

Now you can make a change with easy Daytime Tongue Exercises.

Daytime tongue conditioning exercises and muscle strengthening have been shown to be efficient in significantly reducing snoring.

Tongue dysfunction manifests itself in many different ways in our adult lives. The most common of these, is snoring. People tend to attribute this to breathing problems arising from the nose and often use various means to reduce its symptoms. Most solutions available today focus on supporting air intake, resulting in decreased snoring while in use and breathing relief while sleeping. However, it is now well known that daytime tongue mobility exercises and muscle strengthening can be extremely efficient in reducing snoring.

Much more than you not sleeping well and disturbing your partner’s sleep during the night, loud or long-term snoring increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other health problems.

Unlike other solutions that force you into bed with another inanimate “partner” who just provides you the same night’s sleep relief, tongue exercises deal with the problem;

Tongue dysfunction and weak tongue.

TongueGym on-the-go makes it easier and much more efficient and convenient.

Contrary to the conventional finger techniques of performing tongue exercises, TongueGym is a comfortable, more effective, and hygienic solution.

TongueGym is meant to provide assistance, easement and enjoyment to those performing tongue exercises.

TongueGym is a 2 in 1 solution.

The TongueGym’s unique double-tipped head allows it to be used for a variety of exercises. The tips are designed to fit the under-tongue anatomy, for use with flexibility exercises, while if placed on top of the tongue, they can be used for strengthening exercises.

Bothe strengthening and conditioning tongue exercises are essential for getting the best results.

The signs

Needless to describe the signs that will make you suspect that you snore 🙂. Because you’re probably used to getting elbowed by your partner in bed, you may toss and turn at night, have a dry mouth, and be tired during the day, with headaches and difficulty focusing.

If you are suffering from these singes, you better visit your provider to diagnose the cause of the problem. Once tongue dysfunction and weakness are diagnosed, you might need the TongueGym to make your tongue exercises more fun, effective and at any time that is convenient for you.

Tongue exercises deal with the problem. TongueGym on-the-go makes it convenient.

TongueGym – Goes Wherever You Go
Now you can enjoy your tongue exercises on the go
The TongueGym Advantages for Adults
Fits Every Lifestyle

So convenient you’ll take it everywhere you go

Just a Few Times a Day

Short sessions can yield highly significant results

Increased Hygiene

Clean and sanitary, aligning to public health standards

Ergonomic Design

Makes it comfortable and intuitive to use


ADULTS. TongueGym on the go
Now You Can Enjoy Your Tongue Exercises On The Go.

Just a few minutes, three to five times a day can make a big difference to future wellbeing and health.

So convenient you’ll take it everywhere you go.

Dedicated Tongue Exercises to Help Stop Snoring.

Click the Get Manual button to download further exercise information and recommendations to help strengthen the tongue muscles.

*NOTE: These exercises are meant to strengthen a tongue whose weakened muscles cause snoring.

Slip on finger

Insert the tip of your index finger through the round opening of the TongueGym until it reaches the inner mark. The slit on the nail side is designed to fit your finger snuggly.

Place beneath tongue

Slowly and carefully insert the TongueGym into the lower part of the mouth. 

Place the device as far back as is comfortably possible.

Lift and push the tongue

Use the round tips of the TongueGym to lift the tongue as instructed for performing tongue exercise regimens. Gradually work up to 20 lifts or your required number of lifts per session. Repeat 3 to 5 times a day according to your exercise regimen.

For tongue strengthening. Using the muscles of your tongue, push up against the TongueGym’s while gently pushing down with the TongueGym’s to provide resistance.

Repeat according to your exercise regimen.

TongueGym – Your Key to a Better Future

TongueGym intuitive home-use tongue exercise product

TongueGym – Your Key to a Better Future

TongueGym intuitive home-use tongue exercise product

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