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  • Solve your snoring issues with the TongueGym

    Tongue training is treating one of the most common core issue behind snoring and sleep apnea

Efficient tongue training anywhere you go

Tongue exercise is often recommended by top medical practitioners as a solution to weakened tongue muscles, which can cause a drop of the tongue on the top of the pallet which throgh the movement of air create the sound of snoring.

Tongue exercise done correctly can deal with the source of the snoring and with enough practice can reduce or completely remove snoring   

sleep apnea

"TongueGym helps to perform tongue exercises better and treat one of the leading direct causes of snoring, developing healthier and stronger tongue muscles for reduced snoring."

Eyal Botzer DMD

Your tongue muscles are an
important factor in a good night's

You probably know that tongue muscles are tough to train without special equipment.

TongueGym is a powerful and cost-effective solution.

Now it’s time to make tongue exercises and conditioning a regular part of your daily routine. Thousands of users around the world have discovered the benefits of TongueGym, the world’s first at-home and on-the-go tongue exercise product.

The TongueGym’s ergonomic design makes using it so comfortable and intuitive that you’ll find it easy to complete your entire exercise regimen.

So regardless of your lifestyle, TongueGym will fit right into it. Come discover how the ease and comfort of exercising with the TongueGym can help you to maximize your health and wellbeing.

The TongueGym Advantages for Less Snoring
Fits Every Lifestyle

So convenient you’ll take it everywhere you go

Just a Few Times a Day

Short sessions can yield highly significant results

Increased Hygiene

Clean and sanitary, aligning to public health standards

Ergonomic Design

Makes it comfortable and intuitive to use


The Snoring Revolution is Here

Conventional finger techniques of performing tongue exercise are less than ideal, and have led many to abandon their routines and give up on the dream of a living a healthier life, filled with greater wellbeing. 

Now, thanks to the TongueGym, adults who wish to add tongue conditioning and training exercises into their daily routine, can do so with a product that is not only simple and affordable, but also easy, comfortable and convenient to use.

Next Steps

Did you receive treatment for Sleep Apnea but missed using TongueGym?

Please refer your professional healthcare provider to us, and we will provide all information needed, so you can start using TongueGym as soon as possible.

TongueGym – Your Key to a Better Future

TongueGym intuitive home-use tongue exercise product

TongueGym – Your Key to a Better Future

TongueGym intuitive home-use tongue exercise product

ADULTS. TongueGym on the go
Now you can enjoy your tongue exercises on the go.

Just a few minutes, three to five times a day can make a big difference to future wellbeing and health.

So convenient you’ll take it everywhere you go.

Recommended tongue exercises for tongue strengthening.
Click the Get Manual button to download further exercise information and recommendations to help strengthen the tongue muscles.
Slip on finger

Insert the tip of your index finger through the round opening of the TongueGym until it reaches the inner mark. The slit on the nail side is designed to fit your finger snuggly.

Place beneath tongue

Slowly and carefully insert the TongueGym into the lower part of the mouth. 

Place the device as far back as is comfortably possible.

Lift and push the tongue

Use the round tips of the TongueGym to lift the tongue as instructed for performing tongue exercise regimens.

For tongue strengthening. Using the muscles of your tongue, push up against the TongueGym’s while gently pushing down with the TongueGym’s to provide resistance.

Repeat according to your exercise regimen.

What makes TongueGym probably most convenient product for tongue exercises

  1. TongueGym is simple and intuitive to use
  2. Hygienic (replaces the fear refers to using fingers).
  3. TongueGym’s size is adjusted to the mouth size of newborns and adults.
  4. Small tips for convenient, smooth inserting in the mouth or under the tongue.
  5. The ergonomic design makes tongue training easier, as well as more hygienic, efficient, and comfortable, encouraging you to complete the
    entire exercise regimen
  6. Designed to adjust to the anatomy of the Frenulum and the floor of the mouth.
  7. The TongueGym is short and small to maximize the accuracy of its position and movements in the mouth, enhancing tongue exercise effectiveness.
  8. The TongueGym rounded tip’s design and size make them pleasant and comfortable under and on the top of the tongue.
  9. The TongueGym tips are elastic enough to be comfortable and pleasant while practicing and rigid enough to allow the exercises to be efficient.
  10.  Anti-slip edging surface to increase stability and prevent slipping during tongue exercises.
  11. The lower part of the TongueGym rests comfortably on the top of the tongue for tongue strengthening exercises.
  12. TongueGym will fit any thickness and finger size.

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