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The guide to best using tongue exercises with the TongueGym

The TongueGym by Liper is an innovation by Dr. Botzer a renowned Pediatric dentist. The TongueGym comes to empower tongue exercises and enable users to have a dedicated tool that guides and improvs both compliance and results of tongue exercises.

Download the document guide to making most out of tongue exercises.

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What makes TongueGym most convenient for tongue exercises

and why should you recommend it?

  • TongueGym is simple and intuitive to use.

  • Hygienic (replaces the fear refers to using fingers).

  • TongueGym’s size is adjusted to the mouth size of newborns and adults.
  • Small tips for convenient, smooth inserting in the mouth or under the tongue.

  • The ergonomic design makes tongue training easier, as well as more hygienic, efficient, and comfortable, encouraging you to complete the entire exercise regimen.
  • The TongueGym is short and small to maximize the accuracy of its position and movements in the mouth, enhancing tongue exercise effectiveness.

  • The TongueGym rounded tip’s design and size make them pleasant and comfortable under and on the top of the tongue.
  • The TongueGym provides a direct tool that increases compliance and overall results of tongue exercises.


  • Anti-slip edging surface to increase stability and prevent slipping during tongue exercises.

Who Can use the TongueGym

  • Tongue Conditioning
  • Tongue Strengthening
  • Tongue Conditioning
  • Tongue Strengthening
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Using the TongueGym you benefit from all these:

✔️ Release them from the concerns of doing tongue exercises.

✔️ Make them feel most comfortable while doing their exercises (either for babies or adults).

✔️ Convenience. Allow them to do it whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

✔️ Help them maximize the accuracy of each exercise, and each movement.

Download the document guide to making most out of tongue exercises.

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